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  • CrossFit Level 1

  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

  •  BA in Kinesiology & Exercise Science

  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

Aloha and welcome to my Crossfit journey. Let me take you on a ride to how it all started…

Crossfit found me in April 2013. It was the month of my birthday and I wanted to do something special for myself. I paid for an onramp class that was about 2 weeks long and never looked back. November 2013, I competed in my first Crossfit competition and placed 1st in the women’s scaled division. I did not expect to win because I was having so much fun! I thought “ How could something so intense be so rewarding? How could people be cheering for me when I just met them?!?“ December 2013, I obtained a Crossfit Level 1. Before becoming an official coach, I did unpaid shadowing for 30 days and was also the janitor too, lol! On a serious note, one of the best tools to teach newbie coaches like myself.

While coaching, I attended University of Hawaii at Hilo where I obtained a Bachelors in Kinesiology and Exercise Science in 2015. That same year, I also became a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach. This is where I found a new love, weightlifting. Here is where I dialed deeper into the classroom to take it into my classes; “mobility and stretching” to be more specific. I love the aspect of performing prehab work on the body as it eliminates injury, and to gain better range of motion through resistance band work and using a lacrosse ball. 
Since graduating, I have volunteered at physical therapy offices in our community to immerse myself into the physical therapy field and picked the PT’s brain on recovery exercises. I then transitioned this work into my classes once again. I went back to college to gain more knowledge and to fulfill my dream as a physical therapist, in the near future.

My name is Noe and I am a wife, mother, dog mom, new home owner, athlete and life long student.