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I started my CrossFit journey in 2014.  It was a totally new type of exercise program for me.  I had never before done any weightlifting or gymnastics, but from the very first Intro Class I was hooked.  I started CrossFit hoping to lose some weight.  During my first year I did lose a little but not close to what I wanted. The reason for that was because I was not eating right. So during my second year I participated in CrossFit Kawaihae's Transform program. through this I learned the right way to eat healthy.   I lost 15 lbs and have been able to keep it off ever since.  

In 2017 I qualified and made it to the CrossFit Games.  This was the most amazing  experience of my life.  It's hard to put into words the feelings and emotions I experienced during the games.  It went from 'I can't believe I'm here" "I'm never going to do this again"...but at the end of the week I was ready to DO IT AGAIN!..Doing the 2017 Open and making it to through the qualifiers with all the support from everyone at CrossFit Kawaihae was as amazing a journey as the games were.  Set a GOAL and WORK HARD.  You never know what you are capable of until you try.

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~Tammy                        2017 CrossFit Games Athlete

My name is Lacey. My whole life my weight has gone up and down. After the birth of my daughter in 2006, I started gaining back weight. I was tipping the scale at 156 pounds in May 2013, I'm only 5 feet tall. Back in May I heard that a Crossfit Box was opening in Kawaihae. I got Tammie's email and I emailed her that I was interested in joining Crossfit. She invited me to the opening of her box on May 1st.  I was so nervous driving to Crossfit Kawaihae that night. When I pulled up there was a lot of people. I sat in my truck for 15 minutes convincing myself to go in. I finally got out and went in. Tammie greeted me with a big smile.she even thanked me for coming in. We did the intro WOD that night. I could barely do a push-up. Who would of thought that walking through those doors that night would change my life?
           Here I am 7 months later, 33 pounds lighter and the fittest I've EVER been in my whole life. I've finally found something that I LOVE! Crossfit is a community of people encouraging, pushing and motivating each other. All the coaches at Crossfit Kawaihae inspire me and motivate me to be the best that I can be. Every time i feel like giving up during a WOD, I here Tammie's voice saying "let's go". .So, I go!!!!
             About a month ago I entered my first competition. I was scared and excited at the same time. Here I am 6 months into Crossfit and throwing myself in with a bunch of fit, strong people. I placed 16th place out of almost 30 women. I thought I was going to come in last place. So, to me I'm a champion. That goes to show that with hard work, good coaches and dedication, you can do anything! I can now keep up with my 7 year old, run, lift and do things I never thought I could do. Now I'm really LIVING!!! Much love and aloha to everyone at crossfit Kawaihae.

~ Lacey

My new love at 61! CrossFit Kawaihae has inspired me, heightened my sense of potential and renewed a sense of passion for life and for my abilities to perform in ways I would have never ever dreamed of!  Ever since I walked in CFK it has been total support from the amazing coaches and the athletes I train with regardless of their experience or age. The modification of the exercises enables me to work to my full potential and to feel I am part of the class regardless of other’s level of training or age. The support and encouragement I receive from the coaches and participants is amazing!  Is it possible these could be the people I have been so longing for? “Sister, sister, it is so good to see you! Where have you been?” 


With immense gratitude to Tammie, coaches and participants that can be so kind, considerate and encouraging!

~ Elena

I am having so much fun with Crossfit.. I am 67 and just beginning...Trying things I have not done ever or for skipping rope (very slowly), climbing ropes (just lifting my own body weight) or weights and squats (with a PVC tube) ...running (walking)...   All the routines are modified for me at my level.... I feel so well taken care of.  I feel the personal care of Tammie and Monica who are helping me to make sure I do all the exercises in the best form and safest way...   I feel totally supported by everyone in the class. They are so friendly and encouraging.   I would highly recommend Crossfit for any age and level of ability.  I feel so excited and proud of myself and am grateful I am being so guided in this new adventure.  I am getting healthier and stronger in a challenging, fun, and safe way....


Thank you Tammie and Monica...     


I started working out with a group called Get Fit-Stay Fit in January 2012, with a great trainer Tammie Akau.

In May 2012, I discovered a lump in my neck and was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I continued the exercise program because I knew it would keep me strong. I exercised 3 times a week, even while having Chemo Therapy. I believe this helped me be strong enough that I didn't suffer any side effects from the Chemo.  As of November 2012 I am Cancer free. I'm looking forward to joining Tammie and a wonderful group of women who inspired me to keep going, in her new gym CrossFit Kawaihae.

~ Karen

Wow how lucky I am to have my daughter as my trainer and role model. My name is Mary Kay and I have had the honor to be a part of my daughter Tammie’s influence for many years. I started working out with Tammie in my home about 3 years ago. She was tough, but knew I can do more than I whined about. She kept pushing me and making me realize that it's your mind set and perseverance that gets you where you need and dream to be. Well, here I am building muscle, toning places I never thought I could, killing sit ups, working the burpees, and even running without having an accident. You see most people at age 56 think it's not possible to get fit and stay fit.  For us it might take a little more time and energy but once you see the results and feel a lot healthier you will realize anything is possible with a little time and discipline.

We are proud and grateful that Tammie and Arnold are opening CrossFit Kawaihae to help our community learn a different way to stay fit and healthy. Believe me working out only 3 times a week for myself has been life changing. We are looking forward to meeting and encouraging any new members that want to be a part of our CrossFit Kawaihae Ohana.

~Mary Kay

My name is Tiffany, and I have known Tammie for about 10 years in many different roles. She is a teammate on our co-ed soccer team, paddling, as a fellow parent and a friend. But the role that Tammie plays the biggest part in my life as my trainer.

I started working out with Tammie after the birth of my daughter just for fun in her yard. I was post baby, fat and unhappy. Her positivity, work ethic and understanding helped me make positive changes in my life and health. I have been working out with her since, as part of Get Fit Stay Fit Group. During this time I have seen lots of improvements in my fitness but now that she is opening her new gym I am excited to see how far she can take me.

Tammie has always been an inspiration to me. She is an amazing athlete, a great friend and a wonderful motivator. She inspires me and helps me push myself to set and meet healthy goals. So when all the excuses start adding up I remember my coach and that she has all of these challenges too. Small kids, busy schedules, commitments and responsibilities but still manages to train and train HARD, eat clean and have fun!  I am so glad that I am able to be apart of the Crossfit Kawaihae Ohana, and hope that you will come and join us soon.


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